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Do not forget the mission in mind at the beginning of |2020 with sweat irrigate harvest to work firmly ahead!
Inputtime:2020-01-29 FromCompany News
Remember your mission from the beginning. Under the leadership of the board of directors with junge as the core, Yimao science and technology of 2019 has united all the Yimao people in China and pushed forward seek improvement in stability and continuously pushed forward Yimao health cause.
Looking back at 2019, the Yimao is determined to shine after a dream

Yimao technology with love to pass hope, won the honorary certificate of charity fundraising

Yimao technology "sprint 2019· realize the dream" annual grand ceremony held in Shanghai

Yimao technology and jingdong molybdenum media signed a strategic cooperation agreement

CPC Shanghai yimao technology development co., LTD branch committee

The 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement.

By the China quality inspection association as the national health industry quality leading brand


China quality inspection association as the national quality integrity benchmark enterprise


Adhering to the military brother wisdom Yimao technology headquarters to usher in the team transformation and upgrading of the investment department, brand department, system department, after-sales department has signed the contract agreement

The founder of Yimao technology was invited to attend the 17th China food safety annual conference

Mr. Liu jun, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting and was awarded the title of "2018-2019 outstanding entrepreneur in food safety management" by the conference

Fimao technology won the honor of the 17th China food safety annual conference 2018-2019 food safety integrity demonstration unit

"Yimao platform business management system" officially launched!

The first national excellent dealers symposium was successfully held

"Yimao technology marketing skills support group" officially launched to serve the first line of the market, for the service station to solve the problem

Yimao technology headquarters fault machine maintenance contract launch meeting successfully held

Douyin, Meituan, merchants bank APP advertising, officially entered the Yimao precision media

Invited to attend the "2019 China economic development summit forum and annual meeting of Chinese economic influencers"

Yimao technology won the honorary title of "China's innovative enterprise of the year 2019".
This year, we repay ourselves with hard work; This year, we cast excellence with quality; This year, we honor the body, the original intention has not changed; This year, we work together to build a dream in subversion. Over the past year, we have continued to build the positive spirit, change the style, in-depth launch a series of theme activities, supplemented the spirit of calcium, inspired the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, tempered the team of the Yimao, the strength of unity and progress, obtained the internal market transformation and upgrading, the external market continued steady progress results. Plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold, the achievement of the results, is we these years determined to qingshan, concentrate, long for the results. Looking back, the past few years of practice has inspired us to practice the concept of "co-creation, co-construction, sharing and sharing" and carry forward the spirit of "entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication and service". As long as we are always in awe of life, institutions and responsibilities, we will be able to cope with various risks and challenges, overcome various difficulties and obstacles, and make continuous progress in our cause.
2019 adhering to the military elder brother wisdom team transformation and upgrading to improve the quality and efficiency
In October 2019, adhering to the wisdom of junge, yimao technology headquarters officially transformed and upgraded the investment team, and the internal team implemented the responsibility contracting system. The contractor shall not only pay the wager of the contract to the company, but also pay 0 basic salary, 0 travel expenses, independent operation, and be responsible for its own profits and losses. The contractor shall truly take the first step to assume the responsibility, change the position, and share the same fate with the Yimao platform!

"The enterprise is the platform for exchanging results," junge said. Enterprise rotation intelligence system will closely integrate the enterprise and employees together, sublimate into a community of common destiny! Deeply stimulate the potential of employees, let employees enjoy the show, let employees become the owner of the enterprise: my territory I call the shots, my responsibility I bear, my interests I enjoy! From inside and outside driving platform steady development, all the way together! Go ahead!
2019 will launch new products and embark on a new journey of diversification
Yimao technology products from the national health, adhere to the prevention, from the end of the treatment continues to extend to the construction of the health of the body ecology, from the air, water, food health and other aspects of precise cut, combined with domestic and foreign high-end technology independently developed the Yimao technology intelligent water purification system, Yimao food safety purification machine; The product system involves HRA health risk assessment system, yangfufujianjianjian health set... And many other products.

In October 2019, the company launched two new products, "Yimao sleep cold compress gel, raising future matzo materia medica pulp". In line with the guiding ideology of "prevention first", "source control", "layer upon layer supervision" and "customer service", the refined management is implemented in every link of quality control, so as to ensure that every product, every bottle, every particle and every gram is safe and reliable and of high quality to consumers. The diversified development strategy of yimao technology has built a complete yimao product ecosystem to provide users with all-round and full-cycle health services.
2020 irrigate harvest with sweat to work steadily ahead
Only with unswerving commitment can we achieve great results. We will stick to the guidance of military elder brother's wisdom and focus on major issues. We will handle them one by one and work on them year after year. We believe that as long as we bear the feelings and responsibilities of "success does not need to be in me, success must have me", we will surely be able to accumulate wealth and make progress to a higher level. The long-awaited year 2020 will be the year to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and a decisive year to achieve the first centenary goal. Focus on the big health industry, contribute to the construction of the healthy Chinese dream, and let the health products and services of yimao technology enter more ordinary families; Let more people through hard work, increase income, benefit; It is our responsibility to constantly meet the expectations of consumers for a healthy life. As long as we want to one place, the strength to one place, continue to work for the platform for the long term, continue to work for the well-being of consumers, concerted efforts, dedication, cohesion, seize the day, live up to The Times, constantly beyond! Let us irrigate the harvest with sweat and move forward with firm determination. Wing cat technology will be better tomorrow! I sincerely wish you all good health, a successful career and a happy family in the New Year.
Yimao technology! Add wings to the tiger!
Focus on the Yimao technology to start a healthy life

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