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YIMAO technology development (Shanghai) co., LTD., founded in 2010, is located in China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center of Shanghai. Following the pace of the development of The Times, the company carried out strategic transformation and upgrading at the end of 2015, positioning itself as an Internet + big health industry, and focusing on building an intelligent and healthy Internet of things integrated service platform.

Yimao technology actively responds to the "healthy China" national strategy
Yimao positive response to the "healthy China" national strategy of science and technology, uphold the scientific concept of life, in order to realize "healthy China dream" as own duty, integration of large health system product resources, relying on the offline wing cat experience service center member and Internet technical support, research and development of "Yimao APP", build "Yimao health e home shopping mall and in adopting a system service, 24 hours a day, seven days a system health solutions and products experience, private custom services, build a database for each member, scientific management of health data, order online, offline experiences service, Yimao technology mature experience marketing model for the development of the health industry into an innovative force.
1. Yimao APP: yimao APP is an online shopping mall software launched by yimao technology. Users can browse, purchase, pay, inquire orders, view revenue and other operations online, and can also check the nearby experience store of Yimao, and learn about the latest trends of Yimao.
2. Yimao platform business management system: yimao platform business management system is an e-commerce platform launched by yimao technology in 2019. The whole platform includes four subsystems: business subject management subsystem, e-commerce subsystem, HRA evaluation management subsystem and content management subsystem. The business management system of yimao platform is committed to building yimao technology into a B2B2C+O2O e-commerce platform for the great health of the Internet of things.
Big health, big trend, big future Yimao grasp the market trend, homeopathy!
Company with intelligent water purification system for the carrier, the use of advanced "Internet +", real-time online monitoring, information communication, precise advertising, mobile application (APP), large data analysis techniques, with great health industry depth fusion, cross-border business model of resource integration, rapid building smart healthy Internet comprehensive service platform. In order to implement the "healthy China 2030" program outline, the company gathers high-end technical elites to jointly research and develop intelligent water purification system, health risk assessment system, healthy food system, biological therapy system, food material purification system and a series of health projects. The first project of Yimao is an intelligent water purification system with independent intellectual property rights. Its core technology solves the problem of "when will the water filter element be changed? How to change? Who will do it?" Three pain points of the industry. Intelligent living water purification system deeply integrates the remote control of the Internet of things with the big health industry, adopts the promotion measures of cross-border integration of resources, 0 yuan for machine and recharge, and quickly wins the market. At present, Yimao intelligent water purification system terminal has covered nearly one million households, agencies and units throughout the country, gradually becoming a new trend of safe drinking water.
The Yimao accurate media constructs the Chinese family type mainstream media
Yimao precision media USES Internet of things technology and big data analysis to intelligently classify end users of water purification with labels, so that brand advertising can reach target customers accurately on the screen of water purification terminal advertising. The pure water advertisement screen placed in the user's home has once again divided the advertising industry and opened the golden age of passive media flow, which has become a new choice for brand owners to realize the release and transformation!
The future has come to share the future
In the era of new retail, Yimao integrate the advantage resources, layout of trillions of market, the rapid build the Internet of things of intelligent health comprehensive service platform, open platform for cooperation pattern, facing the whole country to recruit: regional agents, business partners, individual dealers, minimally invasive dealer edition, invite sincerely love big health of the nation's elite joined Yimao, create, wings, sharing, sharing the Yimao intelligent healthy Internet comprehensive service platform. Hand in hand Yimao, share the future.

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Keep pace with The Times Development innovation
  • 1
    China merchants innovation
    Have a good entrepreneur resources circle
    A press conference to complete the recruitment of all provincial sponsors
  • 2
    Channel innovation
    District and county level as a unit
    In the nationwide construction of the Yimao offline experience service center
    Have a mature training system
    To provide full entrepreneurial support for the agency
    Has a multi-dimensional after-sales system, online and offline combination
    For the majority of Yimao users to provide intimate services
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    Marketing innovation
    Experiential marketing
    Online promotion order, offline experience service
  • 4
    Drainage of innovation
    HRA precise drainage
    Intelligent water purification terminal coverage
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    Innovation platform
    China intelligent Internet of things integrated service platform
    Online and offline interaction, interconnection, interworking and mutual enjoyment
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Fly the dream to create brilliance
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  • The core values of Yimao
    Co-create, co-build, share and share
    Yimao's way
    Democratization, transparency, marketization and cooperation
    The spirit of Yimao
    Entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication and service
  • The mission of the Yimao smart water purification project
    Let mankind drink every drop of water safe
    Yimao's vision
    It has become the largest integrated Internet of things service platform in China
    Yimao‘s style
    Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and the unity of knowledge and action
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