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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the first stage of the Yimao technology support group!
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Mr. Zhang shili, co-founder and chairman of yimao technology, personally delivered a welcome speech to welcome back the mentor of the support group; Mr Yimao technology co-founder wen-hua kuo personally presided over work summary,  

At the meeting, Mr. Guo wenhua expressed affirmation and encouragement to the work of the support group, and further guided everyone to sort out and summarize the previous work, and put forward several Suggestions and directions for improvement.



Never miss an opportunity to communicate


Jia qidong teacher with three secret weapons


The teacher jia qidong that the stranger client clinks a deal with famous whole country is expert, no matter when and where go where, always carry 3 secret weapons with him: electropener, TDS test pen and a steel wire ball, anytime and anywhere market. All results oriented, jia brother for all the wings of the cat dealers set a really good marketing example.

A month to serve eight service stations, including the time on the road, jia brother is almost a whole month, non-stop rush around the country. Each station, jia brother will communicate with the station master in advance, immediately after the arrival of the organization of shareholders exchange meeting, to further understand the marketing situation.

Settle in time, big field small field turns on, also cannot stop for a moment. After the on-site guidance, remote WeChat group communication, at any time online answer questions, and continue to follow up the report, encourage and pull everyone to work together, than do! The passion of service station marketing is ignited again.



Do not know how to do, is a very normal thing, lu xun "hometown" has such a sentence, there is no road in the world, walk more people, also became the road. Wing cat technology is a new type of Internet + great health industry, is the leader, is the pioneer, all the confusion and confusion, are only a necessary process of the development of things.


Military elder brother wisdom: "with the wisdom of all into all things", with the results of a large number of market practice, the 30,000 wing cat people work together out of the road is also more and more clear. Successfully open the stranger market jia eldest brother is the example, the support group landing is to stimulate the beginning of market vitality, a strong force in pushing us forward, everything is changing imperceptuously.


A single transaction of 140,000 yuan


Hu xiaohua redefined the value of HRA


Ms. Hu xiaohua, queen of wing cat HRA interpretation, visited 7 service stations in one month, achieving a single performance of 140,000 yuan and a total turnover of 330,000 yuan. This is her continuous high-intensity work, one customer after another patient interpretation of the results, 140,000 single performance in the first station hunan zhuzhou wing cat service station completed, this and hunan zhuzhou wing cat shen canchun shen and the distribution team's efforts are inseparable, hu xiaohua said.


When I saw some service stations with millions of HRA equipment placed there but no interpreter, I was very worried and my pressure was very great. Next, I plan to train a group of readers for the service station, because only in this way can we spread everywhere. HRA is a very good project, and we must learn to use it to do good marketing and better serve consumers.


In jiangxi leping Yimao, is it not adhering to the original intention of helping people, helping people, lover?


Adhering to the spirit of Yimao technology platform with the wisdom of junge: "entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication and service", is a great spirit that all of us should deeply understand and practice. Pay love, return love, refuse your customers today, tomorrow may come to you, today did not buy your purifier, perhaps tomorrow will come to you to do HRA, everything will change with time, including people's cognition and judgment, only the same, should be eternal love and original heart.



At the end of the meeting, Mr. Guo wenhua, co-founder of Yimao technology, put forward several Suggestions for the next phase of the support group: 1. 2. Targeted demand support; 3. Bidirectional absorption of energy in the field; 4. Two-way joint attack in the form of a single operation and a small team will finally achieve the goal of nanny-type assistance. Mr. Guo wenhua made detailed and strict requirements and arrangements for the next stage of the work.


Under the leadership of Mr. Guo wenhua, the support group has a clear working goal, a clear implementation plan, and excellent market feedback results. The mentors are full of confidence! Start in 2020!  

Yimao technology support group! More frontline information of the support group is welcome to continue to pay attention to push. So far, the number of applicants for mentors has been filled in February 2020. For more details, please contact us at 400 9030 220/17717517628

Focus on the Yimao technology, open a healthy life

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