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Over one million cash payment! Yimao technology annual grand ceremony held in Shanghai!
Inputtime:2019-04-18 FromCompany News
       Warm congratulations to yimao technology "sprint 2019· realize the dream" annual grand ceremony kicked off on April 16, 2019 in sheraton hotel jiading, Shanghai! The five founders of yimao technology visited the site to support energy, and Mr. Zhang shili, chairman of yimao technology, gave the opening speech. More than 1,000 yimao business partners from all over the country gathered together.


  Magnificent "inspiring show" magnificent opening, sonorous and powerful drums like the declaration of the heroic inspiring, Yimao technology founder/chairman zhang shili personally to the opening speech, won the scene bursts of applause! Yimao technology annual grand ceremony officially opened in a cheering!

  Annual ceremony honors section

The second half of 2018 national market promotion reward policy of Yimao technology
The awards ceremony



  Yimao platform defense star award

Yimao technology is the sunrise industry of the national policy escort, is our common cause, on the way of wing cat technology development, emerged a large number of love platform, caress platform excellent partners, they use practical actions to defend the platform, and called for each Yimao people, like care for his own life to caress platform, defend platform!


  Man is great because of his dreams, and his dreams come true because of his actions. As long as you are willing to do, there will be harvest! As long as with a firm heart, a group of people, a morale, joint efforts, cooperation, will be able to reach the other side of success.

Yimao platform outstanding dealer award
With their own hands and unremitting efforts, they have made outstanding contributions to the development of the whole team. They actively organize team activities, build team culture and build team cohesion. They made the team's dream come true, and they also made today's glory come true. Thank them for their hard work, to help the development of the cause of Yimao, they are the annual outstanding dealers elite.

  Best contractor award for Yimao platform


They are the backbone of a team, they put their whole body and soul into the cause of Yimao, cohesion team strength, for the common dream of the struggle, let more people harvest wealth and rich life. Actively organize salons, more than 120 a year, the growth of the team is inseparable from their efforts, the rapid team performance is inseparable from their leadership, they are the best contractor of the year.

  Yimao platform outstanding agent award

They work intensively in the first-tier market, deduce the deep connotation of the platform, establish an excellent platform image, deeply explore the vast domestic market through the value of the platform, and become the benchmark image of the development of agents in the first-tier market. Standing on the stage with achievements to prove their own, they are the Yimao platform outstanding agents.

  This award ceremony lasted a whole day, each winner's family's speech has deeply touched all the present Yimao family, a hard work a harvest, whether you are ready or not, the glory will be on schedule, warm to sprinkle on one of us. Because it, should belong to those who work hard! It is everyone's efforts and efforts to cast the light of the Yimao platform!



  We are all trying to run, we are all dreamers. In 2019, let's face the dawn of new hope, stand at a new starting point, and face the new plan together, in order to achieve a better career of Yimao, but also to achieve a more brilliant themselves, in the wing cat platform, truly realize the dream. Yimao technology, such as tiger wings!

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