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Inputtime:2019-12-05 FromIndustry News
How to judge whether a person is mature or not? The age?
In fact, judging a person's maturity and immaturity has nothing to do with age. People mature is not mature, is you can stand in the other side's point of view to see things, is you can turn my world into your world.

The first characteristic of immaturity is to give something back immediately
Many people do not understand: only the spring sowing, autumn will harvest.
Some people, no matter what they do, just give a little, immediately want to return. (sales, at first thought is very simple, do not find with their imagination, so immediately to give up.)
A lot of people do business, the beginning did not have what result, want to give up, some people give up a month, some people give up three months, some people give up half a year, some people give up a year. Giving up is a habit, a typical loser's habit. We have to have a vision, to look further, the vision is to see the future!

Is there a "profitable, easy, quick" job in the world? The answer is no! Even if there were, it wouldn't be our turn. We've been preempted by those who are ready. So in life, we must know how to pay.
So why are you paying? Because you are to pursue your dream and pay, people are to hope and dream of life, if a person has no dream, no pursuit, that life is also meaningless.
What do you want in life,
You have to give something first.
If you want time, you have to give it.
If you want money, you have to give it.
If you want your hobby, you have to sacrifice it.
If you want to spend more time with your family, you have to spend less time with your family.
However, one thing is clear: your efforts in this project will be redoubled. It's like a seed, you plant it, you water it, you fertilize it, you mow it, you kill it. Finally you harvest is not dozens of times, a hundred times the return.
In life, we must know how to pay, do not be so eager for quick success, immediately want to get the return, the world is not free lunch, easy is not possible to succeed.
So, do must know to pay first!
Today's summary
I pay, I harvest, I happy.
Pay to have a return, this is the truth we know since childhood. This is the foundation that must be followed, no matter what industry we are in. In the same way, the dealers who struggle in the front line of the fimao technology maker platform also need to carry forward the spirit of "pay", because only in this way can they live up to their "maker dream", only pay to achieve their goals, to bring better life for themselves and their families!

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