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Change the way of drinking water to achieve drinking water health! We must recognize this!
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Water, carrying a thousand years of civilization, nourishes life and nurtures everything. The 40-year history of changes in drinking water is a witness to the development of Chinese civilization. From drinking river water, to well water, and now sweet tap water, has witnessed the progressive development of The Times step by step, step by step in the healthy civilization.



  About the water

This is a true reflection of the great changes in Chinese society over the past 40 years
Every glass of water we drink, every stage we go through, reflects the development of The Times.
In the early 1980s, China was relatively backward in terms of social economy, medical and health care, and living standards were relatively low. Several villages Shared a well.



  In the early 1990s, the installation of water pipes, every household began to drink tap water, with the tap water, drinking water quality improved.




  In the mid-1990s, the emergence of bottled water was to return water to its essence and make it a fast consumer product. The rise of bottled water, marking the industry has entered a period of rapid development, the whole drinking water industry sales increase.




  On July 1, 2015, the new sanitary standards for domestic and drinking water came into force nationwide. The "secondary pollution" of tap water, and now the popularity of household water purification equipment, people realize the importance of drinking water for a healthy life.



  From the development process of "mass water reform -- popularization of tap water -- improvement of drinking water quality -- promotion of drinking water health", we can see the great changes and brilliant achievements in China over the past 40 years of reform and opening up. Every revolution in drinking water is a response to healthy living. China's top 30 cities for water quality in 2019 has been released.

Hu kemei, former deputy inspector of the ministry of environmental protection's department of total pollutant emission control, deputy director of the liaoning provincial environmental protection department and now deputy mayor of huludao, said: "we will continue to improve the safety of drinking water. Through the publication of ranking information, the public's right to know, participate in and supervise the environment can be guaranteed, the national water ecological and environmental protection can be accelerated, local water pollution prevention and control responsibilities can be implemented, and the level of drinking water safety can be continuously improved.


  Therefore, we must adapt to the current situation and the actual situation of development, change the way we drink water, so that we can get safer and healthier drinking water.

We must recognize that drinking water is necessary. Water is 70 percent of the human body, and People's Daily water needs are a basic consideration. Eighty percent of the world's diseases, and 50 percent of the deaths of children, are linked to poor drinking water quality, which causes at least 20 million deaths worldwide every year.



  In the compendium of materia medica (bencao gangmu), li shizhen of the Ming dynasty listed water as the first of each article. The ancients said, "food is better than medicine. Food is not as good as water. Water is the king of all medicines." You can see the importance of drinking water.

By analyzing consumers' drinking habits and needs for a long time and aiming at the current drinking water pain points, yimao technology has developed four smart water purification devices, leading the industry into a new era of drinking water revolution.
Yimao intelligent water purification system
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  Yimao intelligent water purification system can be realized under the remote control technology support of the Internet of things, real-time monitoring, real-time detection, real-time control, real-time upload, when you are in the use of the process, the water quality does not reach the safe value of drinking water, water fountain safety system start, will automatically cut off the water source, beep! Di! Di! The alarm!



  The cloud platform will receive the command synchronously and send it to the customer service personnel of Yimao. After-sales service personnel will take the initiative to come to your door to maintain and replace the filter element.




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