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The future has come, how can you seize the best time!
Inputtime:2019-12-05 FromIndustry News
Mr. Ma:
It used to be real estate
In 20 years, Hong Kong will still rely on real estate and you will be in trouble
Because you have no reform, no change, no progress
The biggest difference is not in technology but in ideas
For those who just start a business, there must be a question to think about
What is the age of IT and DT
The biggest difference is not in technology, but in ideas
IT(information technology) with me as the center, so IT era will give birth to a huge leading enterprises
The age of DT is altruism. You can only rise if you make your customers stronger, your employees stronger, and others stronger.
This is a huge change,
So in the IT era you can ignore social responsibility, ignore the architecture of society
And in the DT era, you have to put responsibility first. There are three distinct features of the DT era
First, transparency
Second, altruism makes others stronger
Third, it's not that you don't want to, it's that you have to
Ten years from now the world's scarcest resource will not be oil, but data.
In any case, we are indeed experiencing a computing revolution.

DT, referring to data technology, is a term developed with the Internet, especially big data. From the birth of the written word to the invention of printing, to the emergence of the telegraph and telephone, as well as the invention of the Turing machine and the von neumann machine, all these are because of the important role played by the development of information technology in the history of human civilization.
Today, people are using computer devices all the time -- their phones, their PCS -- and generating huge amounts of data, including text, voice, and video. Hu xiaoming, the President in charge of aliyun and an expert on cloud computing today, pointed out that the number of computing devices used by humans increased by 2.4 billion in 2014, which is just the beginning. By 2020, the world will have 50 billion times more devices connected to the Internet.
These data, which hide people's consumption, social and other habits and needs, are extremely important for any company to analyze.
And all this is because of what alibaba cloud President hu xiaoming said: the world has entered the DT (Data processing Technology) era, the future is inseparable from computing and Data.
Thanks to the development of cloud computing, most startups will adopt cloud services. In fact, with the exception of BAT, jd, Meituan and a few other large and medium-sized enterprises, most Internet companies are using cloud services more or less.
There are at least 100 possible explanations for what cloud computing is. Widely accepted at the present stage is the U.S. national institute of standards and technology (NIST) definition, cloud computing is a kind of pay by usage pattern, this pattern provides available, convenient, on-demand network access, enter the configurable computing resources Shared pool resources (including network, servers, storage, applications and services), these resources can be quick to provide, just in the management of the very few and or little interaction with service providers.

Cloud computing operates on a per-second basis and has the computing power to simulate nuclear explosions, predict climate change and market trends. One of the advantages of cloud computing is that it makes it relatively easy for startup teams to start businesses using cloud platforms.
As cloud computing is seen as the next technological revolution, IT and Internet giants are investing heavily in the sector.
DT world, aliyun believes in these three things: the Internet is infrastructure, just like today's power grid. Cloud computing is a public service, like the electricity we use today. Data is a resource, so the definition of a resource will also change.

The transparency, altruism, responsibility and big data Shared by jack ma in the video. It is the core thinking of Yimao technology, Yimao technology has the success of the DT era gene! With the theme of human health, we are committed to building the no.1 brand of intelligent health in China. 2016 Yimao technology platform strategy to upgrade again, "Yimao" was born, using grafting and cross-border integration of resources, 0 RMB for machine model to help the traditional enterprise development free value-added channels, solve the problem of traditional enterprise capital chain, traffic, etc, become customers for users, access diversified enterprise's value, improve enterprise value to consolidate law, for the enterprise to keep sustainable competitive advantage in market competition foundation, for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional enterprise provide strong help.
The first product of yimao technology -- yimao intelligent water purification system, this product is equipped with the Internet of things remote monitoring technology with independent intellectual property rights. Combined with big data analysis and cloud computing, the advertisement is inserted into the intelligent water purification system, truly realizing the cross-border integration of the Internet of things, 0 yuan machine supply. Users only need to precharge water purification service fee, according to the flow or package year charge. Intelligent health Internet of things remote control technology, so that people can use the traditional water, electricity, coal as convenient to enjoy the high quality water services. Through big data, we can serve users well and make them satisfied. Through big data, we can learn about users and respond to users at any time. We will also discover new demands and create new experiences.
Up to now, the Yimao technology set up an altruistic win-win entrepreneurial platform. "Yimao + traditional enterprises" helps Chinese traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade, and opens up a trans-boundary integrated development road for traditional enterprises. Once the strategy is implemented, the effect is extraordinary! If you miss IT, miss e-commerce, please do not miss the current big data, do not miss the DT era!


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