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Ushering in a new era, the Internet of things will revolutionize your life and mine
Inputtime:2019-12-05 FromIndustry News

Internet of things, as its name implies, is the Internet connected with things. Internet of things is also known as sensor network in the world, which is another information industry wave emerging after computer, Internet and mobile communication network. The Internet of things is an extension and extension on the basis of the Internet. Its core and foundation is still the Internet, but its users extend to any object. In the past, the development of the Internet of things was limited by technical bottlenecks such as network access, data storage and processing, but now the Internet of things technology is increasingly mature and has the foundation of large-scale application. With the gradual development of 5G, we will also step into the new era of intelligent Internet of things.
Predicts 2020, permanently connected to the object number will reach 25 billion, universal coverage body (intelligent glasses, smart watches, intelligent tracking and human body sensor, etc.), family (white home appliance, home automation, voice and music, intelligent router, energy management, LED lighting, media devices, etc.), city (energy and measuring, infrastructure, industrial, building, transportation, etc.).
New opportunities for the Internet of everything, cross-border innovation to win the future
It's 2017, and we may think that Internet of things life is still far away, but what you don't know is that in this era of continuous innovation, a revolution will come quietly, but it will come with a bang. Between 2010 and 2011 nokia, which had a virtual monopoly over the global handset business, collapsed and a company called apple took its place. Now, by the end of 2017, 3000 experience service centers are expected to be online nationwide! An integrated Internet of things service platform called Yimao technology has emerged as an unrepeatable myth in the eyes of all practitioners of the big health industry.

The Internet of things is not far away.Yimao technology starting products intelligent water purification system has entered innumberable families, and the traditional water purification industry products,Yimao technology intelligent water purification system with independent intellectual property rights of the remote Internet control technology, through the terminal real-time monitoring of water quality, and the monitoring data to the cloud database, real-time control water purification water, prevent secondary pollution, in order to achieve the purpose to protect the safety of drinking water.

In addition,Yimao technology is different with traditional enterprise,Yimao technology iot integrated service platform will be 0 RMB for machine mode on the terminal equipment to the user in the home, only the corresponding service charge, and provide free door-to-door for every piece of equipment installation, free maintenance, free upgrades, special offer free replacement filter for starting the intelligent water purification system services. Using the business philosophy of cross-border integration to fully benefit the majority of users, to achieve a new business system of mutual benefit and win-win.

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