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Can water also cause esophagus cancer? The doctor warns: often drink these 2 kinds "water", can bring about esophagus cancer
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  We all know that water can not only keep the body healthy, can moisturize the surface of the body's various tissues skin, skin has great benefits. It's good to drink more water, but drinking more water is also important. There are two kinds of "water", drink too much but will provoke disease upper body, even quietly invite cancer!




The doctor warns: often drink these 2 kinds "water", can bring about esophagus cancer
Very hot
65 degrees is the cancer temperature | esophageal cancer
How hot is too hot? The answer is: above 65 ° c. The international agency for research on cancer has classified hot drinks above 65℃ as a class 2A carcinogen, while water, tea, coffee and soup above that temperature are all carcinogenic.



  The mucosa on the surface of the esophagus is delicate and fragile, which can be scalded over 65℃. Occasional burns can repair themselves. But if it happens too often, it can lead to more and more abnormal "heteromorphic" cells, eventually becoming cancerous.

Alcohol consumption is limited to | esophageal cancer
Alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde after contact with saliva. Acetaldehyde belongs to class 1 carcinogen and has a clear carcinogenicity to human body. The level of acetaldehyde in saliva is 10 to 100 times higher than that in the blood, which is extremely harmful to the digestive tract.



  According to statistics, about 60% of patients with esophageal cancer are addicted to alcohol. A study by Sweden's delong university found that men over the age of 45 who drank less or no alcohol were 50 percent less likely to develop esophageal cancer.

Case: drinking hot tea all year round causes esophageal cancer
It happened in xianning, hubei province. Mr. Zhang, 50, began drinking hot tea 20 years ago, especially in autumn and winter. He drank three cups of hot tea every day. Always in good health, he began to feel choking when swallowing food 4 months ago, Mr. Zhang did not take it seriously, until half a month ago even cold water is difficult to swallow, just to the local hospital to see a doctor.


  It was later diagnosed as a "cervical esophageal malignancy" and had to be operated on immediately. Doctors removed the tumor and rebuilt the esophagus. So how do you tell if the temperature is too high? It's easy. You don't need to burn your mouth. Usually as long as the hot drink hot food, put a little, cool a cool, with the lips a sip, try, feel not hot can.



  It is not a matter of pride to accept a higher temperature than others. That's because your mucous membrane, which has been repeatedly irritated by heat, has grown thicker and less sensitive to temperature, making it more susceptible to esophageal cancer.

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