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Congratulations on the successful bidding conference of Yimao technology water purification equipment and filter element!
Inputtime:2020-01-21 FromCompany News
  Warm congratulations to Mr. Guo wenhua, co-founder of yimao technology, on the successful bidding conference of yimao technology water purification equipment and filter element held in yimao technology headquarters from January 7 to 9, 2020! It took 3 days and 12 excellent enterprises completed the bidding work according to the standard process. The panel of yimao technology procurement will evaluate the bidding results in the near future and mail them to each bidding enterprise.

Military elder brother wisdom guides
Don't be first, be only or be first
Under the guidance of junge's wisdom, Yimao technology launched the smart water purification project in 2016, officially launching a march on the big health industry. Adhering to the wisdom of junge "do not be the first, do the only, or do the first", Yimao technology takes the lead in subverting the traditional water purification industry positioning, with technology innovation and model innovation of the double innovation benchmark, leading the smart water market.
In the fourth year of xinjiang expansion, yimao science and technology intelligent water purification system has completed the layout of nearly 500,000 consumption terminals nationwide, making outstanding achievements in the industry. Throughout the development in recent years, the water purification industry has gradually entered the high-speed development period, with the reshuffle of the market, part of the lack of competitiveness of enterprise is to be eliminated, and some clear positioning, get consumer recognition of brands is growing rapidly, over time, the Ying cat clean water project system of science and technology the innovation advantage will be more prominent.

Water purifier high-end trend is obvious
Yimao innovative business model to win the market to create space
Under the background of China's consumption upgrading, the market of water purifier is becoming more and more high-end, and the average price of the water purification industry is rising, with a year-on-year growth of 14.7%, among which the average price of water purifier using RO reverse osmosis technology is no less than 4000 yuan.
The more expensive water purifier is sold, the more expensive it is, which brings more opportunities for the business model of "0 yuan for machine and renewal". In actual clinch a deal, cost performance is the core of primary consideration of vast majority consumer forever, spend less money to be able to drink safe water, this is market demand, it is the choice that consumer cannot refuse more.

Reverse osmosis is the future of green manufacturing

Yimao intelligent water purification technology is more trusted
Influenced by the national "863" plan, reverse osmosis technology has gradually become the mainstream of the market, ranking first in such technologies as ultrafiltration, activated carbon and nanofiltration. The number of products using reverse osmosis increased year by year, and the proportion of reverse osmosis technology products reached 90% in the first half of 2012.
The purification of industry technology further stimulates the market vitality, and the extraction of selling points of various products is also wonderful: more beautiful appearance, smaller size and many other aspects are considered as a way to increase market share.
Junge said: "the essence of business is the exchange of value," the focus on consumer demand is the way out. There is, and always will be, one and only one core need of a consumer buying a water purifier, and that is safety. Yimao technology intelligent water purification system mission: "let human drink safe every drop of water" adhere to 4 years has never changed.
The technology of "RO reverse osmosis + real-time online water quality monitoring" of yimao intelligent water purification system is higher than the industry standard, capable of providing consumers with safer drinking water experience, and is expected to grow into a "most trusted by consumers" safe water purification brand.



Health awareness awakens the consumption channel sinking
Yimao technology takes the lead in layout our spring has arrived
Retail sales of consumer goods totaled 3.1542 trillion yuan in August 2018, up 9.0 percent year-on-year, according to the national bureau of statistics. Among them, the year-on-year growth rate of urban areas is 8.8%, and that of rural areas is 10.2%. Rural areas are growing faster than urban areas, and the low-line market is becoming a new growth point of the retail industry.
Water purifiers are gradually recognized in towns and rural markets below the third line. The permanent population of towns below grade iii exceeds 50% of the total population of China. In this part of the country, water treatment conditions are poor. Consumers pay more and more attention to drinking water.
Yimao takes the lead in the distribution of the national market, covering 26 provincial, municipal, district and county markets. Complete marketing service channels, wide range, strong touch, absolute layout advantages for the Yimao intelligent water purification system in the industry continues to perform well to provide a full power and guarantee.
So far, in the wisdom of junge "do not do first, do only, or do first" thinking, in the strategic positioning and development process of Yimao technology has been fully reflected and applied, innovation first, positioning only, layout first, yimao technology platform after market baptism and test, is steadily moving forward, rapid development!
Once again, congratulations on the successful bidding conference of wimao water purification equipment and filter element! Thank you for the recognition and trust of all bidding enterprises, looking forward to future cooperation! Let more people drink safe water and bring health to more people. remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind Yimao technology, such as tiger wings!
Focus on the Yimao technology to start a healthy life

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