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[warm welcome] leaders of nanling hefei economic and cultural promotion association come to visit the Yimao!
Inputtime:2019-10-22 FromCompany News
    On October 19, 2019, hefei NaLing economic culture promotion association chamber of commerce executive director Mr TaoZheng strong, chamber of commerce secretary general Mr Set sail, the original sinotrans co., LTD., honorary President of anhui xi smile, former provincial party secretary of politics and law honorary adviser to Mr Rain leaders including Mr Zhao Ziguo line visit wing cat technology Shanghai headquarters, further Yimao founder Mr Zhang, accompanied by science and technology.


  Hefei NaLing chamber of commerce led the delegation toured the Yimao headquarters and production experience of science and technology museum, Yimao dan-dan feng, director of science and technology training center site on wing technology products intelligent water purification system, food safety purifying machine, HRA health risk assessment system: Yimao intelligent water purification system of the real-time online monitoring of water quality function to solve the "water purification industry filter when to change? How to change? Who is going to change?" The three major pain points have effectively solved the problem of safe drinking water for residents. Yimao food material safety purification machine, a comprehensive solution to the family food safety problems, while giving the family a better diet to enjoy.


  Leaders experience HRA health risk assessment system! 5 minutes 38 seconds to test the whole body nine systems, 220 indicators! Leaders for the Yimao HRA so accurate, convenient experience thumb up! For the rapid development of the Yimao technology praise!


 Mr. Zhang shili, founder of yimao technology, made a detailed introduction to the leaders of hefei nanling chamber of commerce on the ecological chain of yimao technology and health industry, and also introduced the progress of the project of yimao technology's new product yimao sleep cold compress gel, and the project of raising future healthy food -- leavened matsuola pulp. Leaders of hefei nanling chamber of commerce speak highly of the products of Yimao technology. The health product system of yimao technology fully conforms to the national development concept of "great health for all" and meets the national health needs. In the current huge industry prospects and wealth opportunities, the vision and action of the Yimao technology is sure to come out on top.


  Finally, Mr. Zhang shili, founder of Yimao technology, reported the strategic positioning, business model and innovative technology of the first project of Yimao intelligent water purification system to the leaders in detail. Yimao intelligent water purification system has been on the market since it was put on the market. It has subverted the traditional business model, and has been recognized and praised by the market and customers for its excellent product quality and complete after-sales service system.


Once again, warmly welcome leaders of nanling hefei economic and cultural promotion association to visit yimao technology and guide our work. Yimao technology will never forget our original intention and forge ahead!
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