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The opening ceremony of Shanghai Yimao was a great success!
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Warm congratulations to hunan yimao, jiangsu yimao and Shanghai yimao (according to the provincial market division) for their grand opening on October 25th, 27th and 28th respectively. The grand opening ceremony of Shanghai yimao was held in sheraton hotel on October 28th, 2016. Founder of yicat technology: founder of "intelligent system of enterprise rotation", chairman of tangshan everbright galaxy industry and trade, strategic mentor of Chinese private enterprises Mr. Liu jun and his wife Ms. Dai junxiang; Mr. Wu jiale, President of fuhuishun group and chairman of bada investment, and his wife Ms. Zhu zhengyao; Mr. Zhang shili, chairman of rixin high temperature, and Mr. Guo wenhua, chairman of east China group, came to the scene to support the energy of Shanghai wing cat. Opening ceremony by Shanghai satellite TV famous host Ms. Chen rong presided over, gao an, qilong and many other stars jointly performed, a century feast opened the glory.




Shanghai Yimao grand opening ceremony wing cat technology national provincial shareholders present congratulations! Hundreds of business partners of Shanghai Yimao gathered together to celebrate the wonderful moment!

Please play the national anthem, the national flag, the flag of the Yimao, and observe Ms. Chen rong, the famous host of Shanghai satellite TV, to attend the grand opening ceremony of Shanghai Yimao and preside over the whole ceremony

Founder/chairman of Yimao technology

Mr. Zhang shili delivered the speech


Shanghai Yimao initiator
Mr. Shu gave his opening address

Mr. Zhang shili, chairman of Yimao technology
Personally decorated the flag for the Shanghai Yimao

Mr. Shu zhengming, founder of Shanghai Yimao, presented the flag to the partners of Shanghai Yimao

Yimao science and technology like tiger and wings eight strong, strong momentum → national defense university joint command and staff college political commiserate, national defense university academy of calligraphy and painting deputy dean guo zunxian scene with a brush.

Opening ceremony, the founder of Yimao technology Mr. Wu jiale, Mr. Zhang shili, Mr. Guo wenhua personally for Shanghai Yimao business partners issued a market establishment margin! Yimao technology business model to trigger a large - scale second wave of entrepreneurs across the country! Mr. Wu jiale, founder of Yimao technology and founder of the business model of Yimao technology, interpreted the mystery behind the wealth of Yimao technology and demonstrated its mature Internet of things remote control technology and precision media technology, once again refresh people's cognition of Internet of things technology and won warm applause from the audience!

Partner of Shanghai Yimao business: Mr. Chen xiaomin, vice President of Canadian Shanghai chamber of commerce, and initiator of jing 'an district of Shanghai, and Ms. Thomas meichen, a blonde from France, also came to the stage to share their experience of working with the company. Everyone is still looking at the achievements of Yimao technology, Yimao dream of wealth has been inserted wings, flying over thousands of mountains and rivers, flying over the Pacific Ocean, flying to the world! Yimao technology is the stage for everyone to realize their dreams, regardless of nationality, no boundaries, all brothers in the four seas!

Initiator of jing 'an district, Shanghai
Canada (now vice President of Canadian chamber of commerce in Shanghai)
Mr. Chen xiaomin

French Shanghai Yimao business partner Ms. Tang meichen
In the thunderous applause of the public, the founder of Yimao technology, the soul figure -- Mr. Liu jun boarded the podium, with sincere feelings of the people to elaborate the creation of Yimao technology. Junge said: this life to do business, do fu hui shun, do Yimao, are based on a "huai" word: a feelings, a mind, with feelings, in the long road to entrepreneurship, guarding, giving, always maintain the original intention of the people, to continue to help people, cross people, achievement people! Junge's share caused thunderous applause! With the right people, do the right thing, this is the same!

The opening ceremony of the morning market arouses a new round of agency upsurge! Lunch time, the exhibition booth outside the venue, surrounded by a few rounds, swiping card sign, a hot scene!

Swiping card sign sheet scene is hot ~!
That night, another high point of the festival came! From the exciting scene of the day to the night of the clothes xiangshan shadow, Shanghai Yimao set up a sumptuous dinner and wonderful performance hospitality to entrepreneurs from all over the country! The dinner program is wonderful: musicians, songs and dances, as well as the famous singers gao an and qi long's wonderful scene, let the whole venue into a big Party! Junge said: to what scene, show what like, in the star-studded charity dinner, entrepreneurs put down all the business, enjoy the conversation and drink, push the cup to change, between the wine, the distance between the heart is closer, the smiling face is the most beautiful language at the moment!

At the dinner party, the most exciting thumb up performance is from the sunshine art troupe of jiading disabled persons' federation performers, they are a group of brave dreamers! Instruments, dancing, singing! Incomplete clouds can not block the dream of the moonlight; Incomplete limbs can not block the pursuit of the sun, perfect is not a complete join on stage, gorgeous is the perfect wonderful appearance. For these fine artists.

If we compare charity to a coin, on one side there is compassion, on the other there must be kindness. Act act all appearance, good from the heart, about faith! At the charity dinner, Mr. Zhang shili, founder/chairman of yimao technology donated RMB 1 million to Shanghai disabled people's foundation on behalf of yimao technology! Science and technology feedback nature, original intention to change the world! Charity as a corporate culture, we say so, and do so!

Air force major general Yang zhancheng for the charity of the Yimao touch, write down "release love, return love" six characters, express the affirmation and support for the charity of the Yimao! Release love, return love, this is how familiar sentence Yimao people, junge let it like blood into our bodies, accompany us all the way to grow!

Famous singer gao an
Show up at the charity gala

Famous singer qilong
Show up at the charity gala

Famous singers, Mr. Gao an, Mr. Qilong appeared at the Yimao charity gala, the scene a jubilant

Near the end, the provincial sponsors have stepped onto the stage, picked up the microphone, to express their gratitude to the military brother, everyone has a different story, different plot, but have similar feelings, the affinity of the military brother, the affinity of fu hui shun, the affinity of the cat! Along the way, we harvest too much, every time as long as see junge, just like a burst of energy in the body boiling, heart is encouraged! Some people, even if he does not speak, just stand there, will become the object of your admiration! Military elder brother is such! This is the manifestation of energy! This kind of energy, help people, people, more achievements!

Mr. Wu jiale, Mr. Zhang shili, Mr. Guo wenhua, the founder of yifeli technology, together with all the provincial sponsors of yifeli, expressed their deep gratitude to brother jun and military sister-in-law for their guidance along the way, so that wisdom and love become the nourishing force of life! Let our life from now on be able to bloom bright brilliance! This kind of feeling, this kind of gratitude, is not the Yimao people can not feel! This is also the reason why the Yimao technology platform is as strong as steel and united!

Finally, military brother, military sister-in-law on the stage, and all provincial sponsors embrace! At this moment, in the Yimao at this moment, nothing can be more direct and warm than a hug! Looking back to the past, March 28, is our group of people, is also in Shanghai, we face the world to announce the establishment of Yimao technology, our career from here, just half a year, we come back here, again celebrate the establishment of Shanghai Yimao! Different time, the same place, or the same people, the only difference is, our business has developed all over the country, we really realized the original dream! This wonderful experience through time and space deeply moved everyone who walked hand in hand! Thanksgiving time, Thanksgiving choice, Thanksgiving trust, Thanksgiving support! Thanksgiving all the way, do not give up, do not abandon! Thanksgiving so hard we, finally realize the dream! Congratulations again on the success of the grand opening ceremony of Shanghai Yimao! This gathering will become the Yimao career to a higher level of nodes! Because we reaped full of energy again! The stage is as big as the heart! Come on! Yimao person! The future - must belong to us! Walk the talk! Come on!

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