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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of the annual meeting and the HongKong stars gala concert of yimao technology
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Yimao technology ten thousand people gathering order
On January 9, 2018, 10,000 platform makers of yimao technology gathered the beautiful pengcheng city of shenzhen and stayed in more than 1,000 hotels in the city. For a while, yimao people occupied every corner of shenzhen!
At the beginning of the morning of January 10, under the careful arrangement of the meeting group, ten thousand Yimao makers arrived at the customs and entered the port in batches! At 1:30 PM, it took 9 hours for the last group of wingcat makers to arrive at the Asia international exhibition hall in Hong Kong! Flying cat technology set sail 2018 -- happiness is a struggle! The annual meeting of ten thousand people kicked off ceremoniously!
At 2 o 'clock on January 10, Mr. Zhang shili, founder/chairman of yimao technology and chairman of rixinhigh-temperature, delivered the opening speech. Sun liangying, vice President of national industrial innovation institute and director of national health commission; Rong feng, executive deputy director of the national health commission, was present and delivered a congratulatory speech. The annual meeting of ten thousand people begins officially!



    Yimao makers show magic flowers bloom together

In just 2 years, yimao technology has developed 26 provincial, more than 400 municipal, more than 2000 district and county level markets, bearing the dream of tens of thousands of makers! This is not simply the sum of the Numbers, but the sum of the dreams of countless people! When 10,000 people gather together, we can interpret the meaning of the Yimao technology from the unfamiliar and familiar faces, so that we can truly feel the great power behind it!


  Asked a lot of people for the impression of the Yimao technology, many people's answer is fast! It seems like the Yimao technology exploded overnight! All over the country, word of mouth! It is not difficult to find the root cause: man proposes, god disposes! Under the general trend, people are particularly important! Baledo's law tells us that 80% of the wealth is in the hands of 20% of the people, and the feline people are the 20%!

A person in their own life journey, to be able to achieve self-worth is already very great! And a group of people who have achieved value to do a great cause together, it is a complete subversion and super great miracle! In the past two years, wimao people adhering to the great spirit of "entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication, service" all the way to expand the market!
At the launch of the 2018 fimao technology conference, fimao technology commended fimao business partners in various fields from different perspectives! Yimao maker [outstanding distributor], [outstanding agent], [platform star webmaster], [platform construction award], [platform strongest belief award], [platform best innovation award], [outstanding lecturer contribution award], [gold lecturer contribution award]... Behind each commendation there is a moving story! And the spirit of the Yimao has been passed down and celebrated in countless such stories!


  The Yimao platform expands the health dividend to share

As the first Internet + Internet of things integrated service platform for China's big health industry, yimao technology has further completed the deepening connection and improvement of the industrial chain. In 2017, yimao group took the lead in product development and launch of yimao's future health food and yimao's biological therapy products! This is the first project after the smart water two major health project system!
Ms. Liu zhiwei, founder of yimao technology, group chairman of fuhuishun and chairman of yangfuiwei, Mr. Guo wenhua, founder of wing cat technology, chairman of east China group and chairman of Yimao biology, personally awarded the license for the partners of the two projects! With the witness of all the partners in the field of Yimao business, raising the future, Yimao biology strong sailing 2018, officially into the field of health food, biological therapy!


  Two years of deep ploughing early wings together to create brilliant

Yimao technology soul man junge said: "everything is attracted to, operating their own is the eternal theme!" Wing cat technology after two years of development, while forging ahead, still not forget the original intention, in-depth observation of the market to grasp the trend.
As the first large listed enterprise of functional medicine in China, huisanpu highly recognizes the platform strength of Yimao technology. After many in-depth exchanges, the two sides have reached the intention of cooperation and established a strategic alliance to jointly open the career map in the field of early disease risk screening!
On January 10, Mr. Chen zhonglin, chairman of huisanpu, came to the annual meeting of yimao technology and signed the cooperation agreement with Mr. Wu jialuo, founder of yimao technology, group President of fuhuishun, chairman of bada investment and chairman of Shanghai yimao intelligent technology. Strong together, reinventing the peak! So far, the Yimao science and technology ecological industry chain has completed the preliminary department

The platform is based on the policy to take the tiger added wing

2018 is a year of hope! Is a year of struggle! It's a bumper year! After completing the platform construction and the research and development of each major project system, the expansion of the terminal market has become the main melody of the New Year! At the annual meeting, Mr. Wu jiale, founder of Yimao technology, personally interpreted the upgrade strategy of 2018 wing-cat technology, and a series of favorable policies were shocked and released!
From the upgrade of marketing tools to the expansion of value-added channels, from online to offline, and then to the landing of terminal marketing programs, Yimao technology is ready to fully impact the terminal market! The New Year's plan, the New Year's outlook, the series of incentive policies of 2018 Yimao science and technology is more like a burning burning torch, completely ignited all Yimao business partners ready to fight heart!


  A new chapter in 2018

Military elder brother wisdom is leading
Yimao makers are in constant combat
Happiness - is the struggle out!

Junge said the struggle to have a path to success to have elements:

1. With the right person
We have been working together for two years, no matter new friends or old friends, we have seen that what is the composition of the Yimao, which is not only the five founders, provincial sponsors, municipal sponsors, national district and county shareholders, the most important is the national dealers! With the right people is with the right group of people!
2. Do the right thing
It's a good cause. What you see and understand is your perspective, not everything. How big is this career? Many important people have answered from all angles! Because things do right, Yimao is good, so Yimao technology will be great!
3. Choose the right platform
The most important thing for a person is not to build life, but the platform on which your life is displayed.
4. Trends make a career

A wise person is not racking his brains, not hard, of course not hard can not succeed, but not necessarily successful efforts, success is you step on the rhythm, catch up with the potential point, a wise person is homebound!


 At the beginning of 2018, junge has made clear instructions: "success = great dream + firm faith + clear goals + sustained action, happiness is a struggle!"

Yimao technology platform starting from the five founders! The comprehensive construction of the yimao technology platform starts from the first partner who carries the provincial flag! Life is always a paragraph of a paragraph, every paragraph we all spare no effort! Even if every behind the vicissitudes of life, we have not been frustrated! Because military elder brother once said: "development is the only truth!"
Carrying all the bitter wind and rain, with a precious dream, we came here day and night! As the sun rises in the east of 2018, we finally reach the peak of this segment! We see the world! The world is starting to see us!
They say: "look, this is Yimao!"
We said, "yes! Here's Yimao!"
Words filled with pride! Yes, not only the pride of the heart, but also the tears in the eyes! All the past all surface in front of the eyes, laughter, happiness, excitement, puzzled, wronged, sour, sweet, bitter and hot... All on my mind! These vivid feelings let you truly feel Yimao constantly beating pulse, because only you know, Yimao is not a cold word, she is a fresh life, and every step of her growth into all your love! Thank you all!
Love is the only answer, Thanksgiving all the way to deeply care for the Yimao platform family! 2018! Yimao technology set sail in love! Harvest in the struggle! Come on!

  On the evening of January 10, 2018, Yimao technology invested a huge sum of money to create a grand opening of the concert of stars! Sun nan, zhou huajian, Yang zhuoma, huang an and other 11 stars to the scene to support energy! Want to hear the live version? No problem! Please continue to pay attention to the official WeChat platform push! First batch of hot live photos! Please take it ~!


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