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Good news | hunan zhuzhou Yimao new product launch!
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Big coffee gathered zhuzhou wing cat new strong release

Congratulations on the successful launch of hunan zhuzhou wing cat on November 13, 2018! The scene big coffee gather, the wing cat series new strong release!

Research and development of the future brand peptide series products on the yimao science and technology platform: sun simiao, head of the 48th generation successor of the pharmaceutical king, educator of traditional Chinese medicine, master of Chinese medicine, professor of shenyang pharmaceutical university (retired), President of yijing research institute of the world federation of Chinese industry and commerce, Mr. Gao kai;

Dr. Sheng-xuk ma, vice President of starbucks Asia Pacific;

Aloe vera series product developer: Mr. Zhang rongxuan, the father of aloe vera in China, professor of school of pharmacy and life science, changzhou university, and master tutor, personally appeared at the conference.

 Mr. Guo wenhua, co-founder of Yimao technology and chairman of east China group, is here to bless the energy!

This zhuzhou press conference by the founder of the Yimao technology Mr. Guo wenhua personally led the team, three heavyweight experts together for product release, with epoch-making significance!

At the same time, Yimao food material safety purification machine was also chosen to be listed in the first place in this release, because the hunan Yimao team in the initiator huang tiehui, shen canchun couple's leadership, the Yimao cause to do a full swing! And unity, carefully planned the preparation of the conference, especially zhuzhou Yimao in the performance has been leading the state, really for the national Yimao people make a model! Strive to make progress in hunan zhuzhou Yimao is worth learning from the national Yimao!


Conference site morale continues to rise, the deal continues to be hot! According to incomplete statistics, the transaction amount on the site exceeded 700,000, only Yimao food material safety purifier successfully sold 106! After the conference, the Yimao new upsurge continued to rise, continued to deal off the market! Yimao technology market heat in zhuzhou continued to climb!

The authority in the field of health has led the development of Yimao

The conference scene atmosphere is warm, the high tide is ceaseless! Three authoritative guests in the field of health brought wonderful sharing for the agents and fans of the site, and led everyone into the vast health world of the Yimao, in-depth analysis of the r & d process of the Yimao series of new products, and the profound hope given by the new products into the market!

  When Mr. Gao, who is over 80 years old, stepped onto the platform and began to speak with great enthusiasm, the audience burst into applause. From the history of Chinese medicine development to the discovery and research of peptides, Mr. Gao led everyone into the magical world of peptides with his wisdom and humor. At present, more than ten great scientists around the world have won the Nobel Prize for their discovery and research on peptides from various perspectives. Peptide, hailed as the greatest discovery ever! Deciphering the key problem of human health, opening a new era of human disease treatment. Keep future tuna peptide, goose carnosine on the market, for the Yimao big health market to open up a vast space!

  Yangfufujianjianbu health set is defined by many people as a weight loss product, in fact, this is not correct, qingfujianjianbu is a product from the perspective of cell health research and development, and peptide series products are used simultaneously, first platoon then fill, let life from the inside out coruscating health vitality!

At the conference, Dr. Ma elaborated on the principle of the product from the perspective of research and development. Green tea vitality tablets rich in tea polyphenols are also highly praised. This is the first time that tea polyphenols have been made into a product for mass production and promotion. It is Dr. Ma's original intention to let more people know the benefits of products (research and development achievements) through the Yimao platform, so that more people can benefit from it.

  The arrival of Mr. Zhang rongxuan, the father of aloe vera in curacao, China, adds another look to the conference! Mr. Zhang rongxuan is the first person to introduce aloe curacao into China, and he is also a scholar who studies and develops aloe vera comprehensively.

Aloe vera has been welcomed by consumers since its publication. Natural aloe vera is a beauty product and widely used in the skin care industry. The application of aloe vera as a healthy food is a pioneering pioneer. At the conference site, Mr. Zhang rongxuan opened the secret of aloe vera for everyone, and refreshed everyone's cognition of aloe vera again, winning bursts of applause!

Yimao food safety purifier shine out

This is the first time that the project has been released offline since November 11, when Yimao food safety purifier was launched. Ms. Wang xin, director of Yimao biology explained the product principle on site, and led everyone to experience and feel the sharp contrast before and after the purification of Yimao food safety purifier, thoroughly detonated all guests on site!

 The first project of Yimao technology: intelligent water purification system, let human drink every safe drop of water, Yimao food material safety purification machine: let human eat every safe food material.

There is no doubt that the strong marketing of food material safety purifier is another revolutionary milestone in the rapid development of Yimao platform!

Tens of thousands of people are waiting. Millions of consumers are waiting. Today is finally here! Congratulations! Thanks to the enthusiastic feedback of market consumers, let human health, we have been on the road!

  Learn from people with results without arrogance or rashness

At the end of the press conference, Mr. Guo wenhua, co-founder of yimao technology, personally summarized the speech, expressed affirmation of the achievements of hunan zhuzhou yimao, and made guidance and hope for the future development plan! The scene Yimao person's blood boiling, the passion heroic mood is like the chest of the dragon, riding the wind, split the waves!


     Junge said: "continuous trust comes from feedback of results! Learn from people who have results." At the site of the press conference, hunan zhuzhou Yimao gave a grand commendation to the excellent service station team and dealers! Along the way, they are our best motivation and example!


 Congratulations again on the success of hunan zhuzhou Yimao new product release conference! Thanks to every family who gave the Yimao platform! We will continue to fight for the future together! Yimao technology! Add wings to the tiger!

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