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The situation is overwhelming, the wing cat technology set off The Times on the wind and draught "clouds" surging
Inputtime:2019-12-05 FromIndustry News

"A single flower does not make a spring. Today, supported by national policies, the concept of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is gaining popularity.

Who will speak for this changing business age?
Only with strategic vision, innovative awareness and subversive ability of the creators of The Times! In the past two years, yimao technology has been practicing the concept of serving public entrepreneurship, inspiring mass innovation and promoting social innovation. As the leader of the practice field of venture capital docking under the new market mechanism, yimao technology strives to be the benchmark and model in the implementation of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".
Up to now, yimao technology has built an altruistic and win-win entrepreneurial platform, and has developed 26 provincial, more than 400 municipal and more than 2,000 district and county markets. It really shows that the premier wants to launch a new wave of "mass entrepreneurship" and "grassroots entrepreneurship" on 9.6 million square kilometers of land. In the future, we will not forget our original intention, provide enterprises and entrepreneurs with the best entrepreneurial resources, meet the opportunities and challenges together, and move forward together.

Yimao technology maker platform for mass entrepreneurship expansion
This is the era of big data, cloud computing and the mobile Internet, a revolutionary technological baptism and a strong awakening. Yimao technology keep up with the trend of The Times, the capture of the era of Internet + opportunity, quickly adapt to the changing trend of era, Yimao technology dealer APP, adapt to changing times, through the mobile client, let all have dreams of entrepreneurs realized with mobile phone business, a mobile phone, everyone can open free business trip, once joined, lifelong benefit.
Yimao technology maker platform will become a new tool and sharp tool to boost the leapfrog development of traditional enterprises. Missed the opportunity of The Times, time can not return. It is bound to seize the opportunity and seize the opportunity that can not be missed. The family of the Yimao raced against time to make full preparations with the momentum of taking the lead, and the journey of glory began.

When will the ambition be achieved?
At the age of 40, liu bang had no soldiers and horses and finally established the han dynasty. At the age of 52, liu bei looked up and asked heaven: when can I succeed? Finally, he divided the kingdom with cao cao and sun quan... All our dreams are in time!
30 years ago to the sea, want to fry, 20 years ago playing with real estate, ten years ago today to play Internet ➕, this is the trend, the trend of the world! Yimao technology follows the trend of the country and promotes the prosperity of private enterprises. With the new business thinking innovation of "Internet + great health + mass entrepreneurship", yimao has built a great system for the benefit of the country and the people. In response to the call of the premier, yimao intends to become the largest integrated service platform for the Internet of things in China! No matter how The Times change, the Yimao technology always look forward to the concept of navigation and extraordinary courage to follow the example, sail the sea.

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