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Water crisis tests our country economy transformation, the market prospect of clean water is huge!
Inputtime:2019-12-05 FromIndustry News

The latest financial and economic observation points out: "water crisis tests China's economic transformation". "The factory of the world" has always been a label of our country. What we can't deny is that the rapid development of China's economy depends on labor-intensive industries and energy-consuming industries to a large extent. This inevitably poses a threat to domestic water supplies.
As blue-green algae in taihu lake, shandong weifang underground seepage water injection, dead pig floating on the huangpu river water pollution event was exposed, such as water pollution has caused the attention of more and more people, people begin to realize: depend on the labor-intensive and energy-intensive industries to promote rapid economic growth, at the same time, will cause serious threat to water resources, water pollution problems to be solved.
National policy: water treatment will become a new economic growth point
After formulating the action plan for preventing and controlling water pollution, the ministry of environmental protection has invested trillions of dollars to support water pollution control. It is estimated that 4 trillion yuan will be invested to build water conservancy infrastructure by 2020.
The market for clean water is promising
The country pays more and more attention to the situation of water pollution, which means that the water purification industry will be affected by the policy dividend, usher in the golden period of development, represented by the water purifier terminal water treatment equipment will usher in a new development opportunity!
Compared with industrial water treatment, home terminal water treatment is more popular at this stage, because the potential pollutants in domestic drinking water cannot be controlled from the source in a short time, and home terminal water treatment is represented by water purifier. In recent years both blue-green algae in taihu lake, and dead pig floating on the huangpu river, water purifiers are appeared in the phenomenon, this is a good shows more and more families are willing to buy water purifier, now with the national policy support for water treatment, the water treatment industry is bound to the same as a terminal - family provide water treatment industry development opportunities.
Water purification industry development and problems
The data show that in 2016, the sales volume of water purifiers in China was 20.3 billion yuan, of which the online sales volume was 16.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 37.9%. Offline sales were 4.05 billion yuan, up 51.7% year on year. It is predicted that China's water purification market will reach 27.1 billion yuan in 2017, with 21.3 billion yuan online and 5.8 billion yuan offline.
Although the development of the water purification industry in China has been going on for some time, there are still many problems in the water purification industry due to the low entry threshold of the water purification market, the uneven quality of industry practitioners, the lack of national mandatory standards and the supervision of relevant departments on products. Many water purification products have been found unqualified. Therefore, if the water purification industry wants to go better and further, the relevant system of the industry needs to be improved.
Consumer voice
Water purifiers are now facing some problems. What are the main problems for consumers?
The survey found that the majority of consumers are mainly confused by two aspects: first, the price. The second is the brand, the market product homogeneity and brand name similarity is high, so that the purchase is like a fog.
Brand selection - Yimao technology intelligent water purification system
The first product of yimao technology -- yimao intelligent water purification system, which adopts RO membrane reverse osmosis technology and is equipped with Internet of things remote control technology with independent intellectual property rights, monitors drinking water health 24 hours a day, and provides free on-site service when water quality problems occur. In addition, from the domestic drinking water situation, wimao technology to develop a new model of 0 yuan for the machine, users only need to precharge water purification service fee, according to the flow or package year billing, can use traditional water, electricity, coal as convenient to enjoy the high quality of wimao technology water service.
Four real-time
Real-time monitoring, real-time detection, real-time control, real-time upload
Four free
On-site installation, replacement of filter element, maintenance, replacement
Yimao technology to build an altruistic win-win entrepreneurial platform.
In order to help traditional enterprises upgrade and transform, Yimao technology launched the "yimao +" strategy. The future of the Internet of everything, cross the boundary to create a miracle! The era of traditional enterprises has come! "Yimao+" carrying the hope of all, magnificent, overwhelming!! More "Yimao +" in the works...

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