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Yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., ltd. was named one of the top 10 innovative enterprises in China's economy in 2019
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  The 2019 China economic development summit forum and award ceremony for China's economic influencers, themed "who wins respect for China's economy in the new era", was held in Beijing on December 28-29, 2019.



  Who wins respect for China's economy in the new era

Xu wenrong, chairman of the working committee of hengdian co., LTD., was awarded the "2019 China economic person of the year lifetime achievement award". Stone cross special steel group co., LTD., chairman of Zhang Wuzong, shenzhen city tian from food and beverage co., LTD., chairman of Zhou Jingliang, people holding group co., LTD., chairman of Zheng Yuanbao, removing cloud group chairman Song Jiacheng, tong ding group co., LTD., chairman of the board shen, datang west city culture industry investment group co., LTD., chairman of the board tank, veterans holding group co., LTD., chairman of Shi Guilu, is wei international group co., LTD., chairman of the board Wang Wenyin, "international holding group co., LTD., chairman of xing-rong hu, program-controlled stock group co., LTD., chairman of Peng Guoyuan won the" 2019 China economic annual figure "award. Millet Huang Zheng founder chairman lei jun, spelling a lot of science and technology, gold holdings chairman YuJinFang Ren Weiming, jinzhou group chairman, changchun the rheumatism hospital Wu Yingping, geely chairman li shufu, the kam energy group chairman jun-liang yao, guangdong Kang Chen pharmaceutical President Li Qian Pan Minzhi, leshan radio chairman guo fa huarong economic research institute, Beijing QiChunXue, Obama and the chairman WuYongTian, Beijing to Ken a director chang 'an court, Yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., LTD., chairman of the board liujun, etc. More than 100 business leaders on the list, Advanced more than 200 characters and advanced unit respectively "2019 China's economy influence person of the year", "2019 China top ten innovative enterprises economy" "2019 China top ten influential people", "2019 top ten Chinese economy innovation characters", "2019 top ten Chinese economy business mulan", "2019 top ten Chinese economy originality", "2019 China's economic" character and "2019 top ten Chinese economy influence enterprise", "2019 top ten Chinese economy originality enterprise", "2019 China economic young enterprise" title.



  Group photo of China's economic figures of the year 2019

Development opportunities to seize the new economic era, foster new momentum of economic development and strive to create a new situation of economic development, the Chinese brand development network, China business newspaper, Chinese business magazine, China academy of management science enterprise research institute, China's circulation, capital university of economics and business research institute hosted the "2019 China's economic development peak BBS and character of Chinese economic influence awards", aimed at mining and honoring the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, for China's economic and social development have made outstanding contribution to the influence of advanced and typical characters. The ceremony was hosted by CCTV host gu qian and CCTV international host xia di.
, bai lichen, vice President of the 11th CPPCC national committee of the 10th, the Treasury secretary, director of the standing committee of the CPPCC economic committee Liu Zhongli, budget committee of the NPC standing committee director, the ministry of health minister gao qiang, the full-time vice chairman of the all-china federation of industry, China's private economy research association ZhuangCongSheng, deputy director of the foreign affairs committee of the 11th National People's Congress committee, a central communications, former deputy minister Ma Wenpu Zhou Keren former vice minister of commerce, the former vice minister of culture, the secretary of the committee Chang Keren, office of special researcher of the state council, China's labor association, and the former deputy secretary of human resources and social security ministry, vice minister of the 25th, in Were the central policy research office of the original, deputy director of the China international economic and exchange center deputy director zheng xinli, China national health association Wu Yingping, founder of China's brand development network, secretary-general of the organizing committee of the China's economic development peak BBS, huaxia ShangBang Zeng Yue club's secretary-general, deputy director of the central party school of economics, professor Cao Li, China's circulation of the institute, capital university of economics and wish us good, director of the institute, China academy of management science enterprise maike, former President of the economic daily, China economic information magazine ya-dong wang, co-founder of China brand development network, China's economic development peak BBS the executive secretary of the organizing committee liu peng and other officer, production , academic and research circles gathered together, nearly 1000 people Shared the annual banquet.



  Bai lichen, vice chairman of the 11th national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, attended the ceremony and delivered an opening speech



  "2019 China's top 10 economic innovation enterprises" award ceremony

It is reported that the 2019 China economic development summit forum and the selection of Chinese economic influencers will consider candidates' qualifications according to five criteria: innovation, influence, contribution, growth and driving force. Through the multi-angle, multi-dimensional selection, and strive to reflect more comprehensive, more authoritative China's economic and social development of the emergence of advanced figures and advanced units.



  2019 China economic development summit forum and award ceremony for Chinese economic influencers (part)

China's economic take-off is the result of numerous outstanding entrepreneurs braving the wind and rain. In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., ltd. in China's economic and social development, the organizing committee awarded yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., ltd. with the honorary title of "2019 top 10 innovative enterprises in China's economy".



  Yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., ltd. was named one of the top 10 innovative enterprises in China's economy in 2019

Award for: under the background of economic transformation and upgrading, liu jun advocates entrepreneurs to use their own experience and resources to jointly create an enterprise in line with the development trend of The Times and realize the transformation of business thinking and business model, which is highly recognized by all. Yimao technology development (Shanghai) co., LTD. Technological innovation: water is the source of life and health! Wing smart cat with independent intellectual property rights of RO reverse osmosis water purification system level 5 + Internet remote monitoring technology, fine filtration breaks through the traditional water purifier "filter who is going to change, when and how to change" pain points of industry, realize the technology innovation: terminal equipment monitoring every 6 seconds to upload a current TDS value, the remote control of the Internet of things technology, real-time monitoring, real-time upload, real-time control. When the effluent quality does not reach the safe water standard, the intelligent background will automatically lock the effluent and prompt to replace the filter element. The installation engineer will receive the information synchronously and offer doorto door service, so that the public can drink the safe water that is visible. Yimao food material safety purifier adopts high energy ion purification technology with independent intellectual property rights, which is innovated and upgraded in traditional purification technology. There is no chemical addition in the purification process. Water is used as the carrier, which is derived from water and reduced to water. To pesticide residues, healthy hormones, bacteria, nutrition, high degree of purification, according to the test report shows that the purification value in 99%, consumers eat safe, fresh, assured. Model innovation: without a good business model, there will be no good business results. The innovation of fimao technology business model -- wool on the cow, bear to pay the bill, opened a new market pattern, leading the big health industry on a new journey. Yimao intelligent water purification system built-in LED advertising display: consumers drink safe water for free, see the advertising red envelope; Advertisers accurate delivery, high conversion rate, save money and worry. The Yimao precision media integrated with the water purification system has built an interactive channel between advertisers and consumers, which has not only shed the noble appearance of water purification products, but also let more people drink safe water for free. Moreover, advertisers have created a high-quality transformation channel directly to the consumption terminal to achieve a win-win situation among the three parties. The platform has launched dozens of healthy food and physical therapy products, providing people with specific solutions for different health conditions. All products have been strictly screened by suppliers and companies, and have been certified by national authorities.
China quality inspection association, the national home appliances standardization technical committee awarded the Yimao technology "household and similar purposes nanofiltration membrane water treatment device, the household and similar use drinking water treatment plant joint" household and similar use water purifier with uv sterilizer, "household and similar purposes" specification for water purifiers to repair water purification industry groups such as the standard, industry standard drafting group deputy team leader, team members units. Yimao technology was awarded the leading brand of national health industry quality by China quality inspection association, the national standard enterprise of quality integrity, was awarded the food safety integrity demonstration unit by the organizing committee of China food safety annual conference!



  Liu jun, chairman of the board of directors of Yimao technology, was interviewed on the spot by the host

Liujun, male, han ethnic group, hebei Tang Shanren, born on November 21, 1963, the Chinese communist party party member, university degree, major in Yimao technology co-founder, chairman of the board of science and technology, China's private enterprises strategic advisor, vice President of China brand leader union council, 2018-2019 food safety management outstanding entrepreneur and founder of the "enterprise rotation system wisdom", tangshan everbright, chairman of the Milky Way. Engaged in education work for 8 years, then went into business, mainly engaged in high-tech manufacturing, with the United States GE(general electric), the United States apple company is a long-term strategic partners. He is fond of traditional Chinese culture, and combined with his 30 years of practical experience in operating enterprises, has summed up three brand courses with independent intellectual property rights (Copyrights) : "enterprise spin wisdom system", "operation wisdom" and "universe connection wisdom", which has created a new management mode for private enterprises. Since 2008, I have been on the platform to train entrepreneurs, and have more than 300,000 followers. I have been awarded the title of "strategic mentor of Chinese private enterprises" jointly issued by the national development and reform commission and the ministry of industry and information technology.

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