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[national general meeting of shareholders] Yimao technology - fu hui shun one of the two brilliant!
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On October 20th, the national shareholders' meeting of yimao technology was grandly held in kunshan international convention and exhibition hotel. Nearly 2000 shareholders from all over the country gathered together to share the wisdom of brother jun, laying a solid foundation for the further promotion of yimao + strategy and the comprehensive development of yimao technology-fuhuishun group!

Yimao technology founder, the founder of the rotation system "wisdom for enterprises, tangshan everbright industry and trade, chairman of the Milky Way, China's private enterprises strategic mentor Mr Liujun Yimao shunping soul, fortune and wisdom of science and technology website platform for seven years, influence and change the destiny, tens of thousands of enterprises Yimao technology for the most part in just half a year time to develop the national market cannot leave the enormous influence, a lot of Yimao launched per capita for army elder brother of the beneficiaries of wisdom, learn to do the same, similar, consistent, TongPinGongZhen wing is the foundation of science and technology have been developing steadily.

Build a fair and open platform, grasp the trend of lead business partners on the nodes of The Times, realize second startup dream, help realize the transformation and upgrading, more traditional enterprises onto the road of rotation rich is the elder brother of the heart, more than in the past six months time, Yimao technology has use the actual action to prove the great platform, a province after another start! Entrepreneurship, innovation, dedication, service, subversion of the traditional business philosophy, to build China's Internet of things integrated service platform, we say so, and do so!

A good project to benefit the country and the people, a group of people, one mind, one thing, work together! Win-win wisdom wealth dream, along with the achievement of a group of aspiring youth! Nothing in the world could have been more accomplished! On the national general meeting of shareholders, fuhuishun staff penny ceremony was held ceremoniously! These young children after 80, 90, with a dream, follow the footsteps of fu huishun, struggle in the motherland, they are military elder brother wisdom, have independent, healthy and positive life values, all the way tenacity, diligence, and progress! At present, more than 70 ordinary employees have realized the dream of buying a car (BMW) and buying a house. Today, with the witness of shareholders all over the country, the youth dream of fuhuishun employees once again shines brilliantly!

Founder/chairman of Yimao technology
Sun new high temperature chairman
Mr. Zhang shili personally presented the prize to the partners

Founder of Yimao technology
Chairman of fuhuishun group
Ms. Liu zhiwei personally presented prizes to the partners

Founder of Yimao technology
Chairman of east China group
Mr. Guo wenhua personally presented the prize

Founder of Yimao technology
President of fuhuishun group
Chairman of bada investment
Mr. Wu jiale personally for anhui fuhuishun zhang zuwang
A prize of 70,000 yuan will be awarded

The biggest winner of the conference
Dalian fuhuishun xue chaosai won the prize of 240,000 yuan only! The bills lined the whole stage! In march this year, xue chaoshuai, a post-90s student, has been awarded the latest BMW car of 2016 by fuhuishun group. Look at the smile on xue's face, the excitement and joy almost rushed out of the screen!

Yimao technology founder: Mr. Liu jun, Mr. Wu jiale, Ms. Liu zhiwei personally for xue chaosai award bonus, a loving hug contains unlimited gratitude!
Xue chaoshuai expresses his gratitude to the five founders of yimao technology, Mr. Pan lijun, the initiator of liaoning yimao, Mr. Cao pingjun, the head of anhui wisechang, Mr. Guo lei 'an, the initiator of fuyang yimao, and all the shareholders on the spot. Thanks to the founder to build a platform, thanks all the way to help the noble dream!

There is no road in the world, the more people to become the road, the Yimao technology is the enterprise transformation and upgrading of the pathfinder! All the way we pay too much, also harvested too much, adhere to the original dream, do not forget the original intention, square always! In each different stage, Yimao technology can always maintain the most acute market insight and make the most correct decision, because we carry the dream of everyone! The implementation of Yimao + strategy is firmly supported by many traditional entrepreneurs! At the shareholders' meeting, Mr. Wu jiale, founder of Yimao technology, once again elaborated the specific implementation plan of Yimao + strategy, indicating the direction for the next step of work!

Mr. Gao zhenjie, the initiator of Inner Mongolia Yimao, Shared his Yimao + scheme and won the recognition of all business partners

A short 1 day time soon passed, but more is not enough, every gathering is a backflow of energy, in the cause of the Yimao, we have always maintained the greatest enthusiasm, the most diligent pay!! Thank each of the Yimao business partners, thank each of the current pay! Internet of things era is coming, we seize the victory to attack, the Yimao + strategy is popular, we are unstoppable!! Military elder brother said, have wisdom can have you want to have all!
Fortune wing platform -- sharing wealth and wisdom
Super benefits shock hit!
From November 1st to 7th, 2016, junge will give a lecture of 100,000 yuan/person "universe connection wisdom" -- the boss's life manual will be held grandly in Hong Kong, China! Yimao technology headquarters to fuhuishun group special application for the right to participate in the class, make an exception to the provincial and municipal shareholders of yimao open quota, first experience, after the settlement, course fees from each provincial company investment income rebate can be deducted! General elder brother wisdom into individual management, enterprise development momentum, the opportunity is unique! For once! For once! For once! Say the important thing three times! The quota is limited, please register in advance, please consult the sponsors of each province or call the service center! China - Hong Kong, be there or be square! 

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